Color Hexadecimal Color Hexadecimal black #000000 silver #c0c0c0 gray #808080 white #ffffff maroon #800000 red #ff0000 purple #800080 fuchsia #ff00ff green #008000: lime #00ff00 olive #808000 yellow #ffff00 navy #000080 blue #0000ff teal #008080 aqua #00ffff In gvim, you can change the font using the Edit menu, Select Font. If you're working with an older version of HTML, you can use the HTML font color tag as needed. * A command to add a header to new Zim files. To change the font color in Illustrator, select the text with the Selection tool, then choose the color from the palette. This mail archive entry describes how one can edit style.conf to change the color of headers in Zim Wiki. Basic example: Purpose {{Font color }} is how you insert colorized text, such as red, orange, green, blue and indigo, and many others.You can specify its background color at the same time. The syntax is supported in wiki, code file preview. Type the element you want to change the text color for. You'll be using the